How To Lose Weight Fast For Men

Men are generally better than women at shedding their calories because they take it as a war. Unlike women, they do not want to be seen as going on a diet program, instead they want to be seen as getting more fit and healthy.

The international head of the Weight Watchers organization “David Kirchhoff” admits that men are naturally more positive in losing weight because they take it as a combative frame of mind. For all those men, who want to torch their extra calories in few days, here are some tips:

 Always take proper breakfast

No more Lucky Charms—you always want some fat and protein. Eat those foods that take more time to digest, because it will keep your metabolism busy, giving you a feeling of fuller stomach for a longer time.  Sausages and scrambled eggs will keep you fuller for a long time than an airy donut will.

 Eat regularly

We are talking about three healthy meals and three good snacks per day. Mixed nuts, particularly almonds are an excellent thing to satisfy the longing for something crispy while helping to boost your muscle strength. However, try to count your calories, because you need to burn more calories than you are actually taking in.

Just Say “No” to starches

Foods like white bread, pasta, potatoes and rice add fats to your belly. These simple carbohydrates can cause havoc on your weight since they are consumed quite rapidly, leaving you starving and more likely to stuff yourself later. Replace these with brown grain products or vegetables.  If you must have pasta, make it whole-wheat. Similarly swap white bread for brown bread, and white potatoes for sweet potatoes. An excellent example of a great swap are the crispy fries of sweet potato. We bet, you will never go back to regular potatoes again.

Lift Weights and do regular work out

Through regular workout and exercise, the muscles, you build, not only recuperate your performance, but they also increase your metabolism rate. So you may burn extra calories immediately after your workout is over. These gym-class staples can also help shape your muscle, so you can have a more streamlined look.

 Think Before You Eat
Do not just stuff yourself with the stale food. Always think before eating what food item is good for you. Take your time eating; you will not feel hungry for a longer period. Try to eat your meal at regular intervals and do not eat anything late at night, because during your sleep, your calories don’t get burned.  Do not eat in front of computer or TV, as you will not concentrate on your food, resulting in feeling hungry after a short time.

how to lose belly fat fast for men

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